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Why use Fibex's products in Data Centres?

Our GRP products are non-conductive, lightweight and non-sparking. Unlike traditional products, which conduct both heat and electricity, GRP products do not. This makes our GRP products some of the best to use in data centres. 

Due to being non-conductive, GRP products ensure that no electricity can be conducted potentially causing damage and losing precious data.

Our GRP products also have a fantastically long life span and are expected to last over twenty years. This longevity combined with the non-conductive properties of GRP makes it ideal for all data centres.

In addition to this, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional manufacturing materials and require no ongoing maintenance, helping you save money and time.

GRP trough covers are essential for high-tech facilities, such as data centres, to ensure uninterrupted operation and minimize the risk of downtime. Fibex ensures only the highest quality materials available are used in our composites, with diligent planning for every aspect.

Fibex's GRP trough covers are increasingly being chosen by some of the world's most prestigious technology brands for newly built data centre projects. These covers offer protection and easy access to underground infrastructure.

Fibex's GRP composite trough and access covers are designed to provide simple and safe access to underground infrastructure. They are bespoke, modular, and lightweight, making them easy to handle. Even in areas with heavier load requirements, such as channels with vehicle traffic between buildings, Fibex's trough covers can be safely removed manually using their ergonomically designed lifting handles. Fibex offers trough covers with load ratings from A15 to F900.

Companies often choose bespoke-made trough covers to meet their specific requirements. These covers can be manufactured to the desired size, color, and load rating. Additionally, we have experience in designing and manufacturing retrofit replacements for previously installed heavy concrete or metal trough covers.


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