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Water Treatment Industry

Fibex GRP Products are rust and corrosion-resistant; they are ideal to use in water treatment plants.

Compared to metallic and timber products, Fibex GRP products can be utilised in wet environments without requiring ongoing maintenance. Having long-life cycles, Fibex GRP Products offer significant savings on time and cost.

The Fibex ergonomic GRP Handrail System is a cost-effective alternative to metallic handrail systems. Having a high strength-to-weight ratio and being corrosion and conductive resistant, the Fibex GRP Handrail System significantly outperforms Steel, Aluminium, and Timber.

Why use Fibex’s GRP products in the water treatment industry? 

Not only is it important that GRP products are rust and corrosion-resistant, but it also is important that GRP products can prevent water penetration and can contain odeurs. This makes our GRP products ideal for environments such as sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants. 

Our products create a safe environment for those working and visiting water treatment plants. Their no-slip quality provides a safe environment for all employees to work in. 

Additionally, our GRP products are lightweight and are easily constructed on-site. This means that transport costs and construction costs are greatly reduced, providing you with a cheaper and more durable alternative to steel, aluminium and timber.   

Which areas in the water industry are most suited to GRP products?

Our products can be used in many different applications in wastewater treatment plants. These include: 

  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Catwalks
  • Bridges
  • Access Platforms
  • Stepovers
  • And many more

Our GRP products can be used in a wide range of different locations such as water treatment stations, sewage and sanitation stations and workplaces. Our GRP products are ideal for any environments that contact water, due to their rust resistant properties.  

Which Areas In The Water Treatment Industry Are 
Perfect For Grp Producs?

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