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Rail Industry

Why use Fibex's products in the rail industry?

GRP products are non-corrosive, non-conductive, chemically resistant, and require little to no maintainence. GRP serves a variety of uses in the rail industry from providing safe anti-slip walkways, palisade fencing, and platforms

Using GRP over more traditional materials such as steel is better for the environment, cost-effective, and up to 75% lighter, meaning lower transportation costs and easier installation.

What are some of our most popular products for the rail industry? 

  • GRP Palisade Fencing
  • GRP Handrails
  • GRP Platforms
  • GRP Anti-Slip walkways
  • GRP Stairways
  • Trough Covers

Which Areas In The Rail Industry Are 
Perfect For Grp Producs?

Our Most Popular Products 
For The Rail Industry Include:

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