GRP Trough Covers for Precast Concrete Troughs

The Fibex GRP Trough cover range includes many options in different GRP formats.
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The Fibex GRP Trough cover range includes many options in different GRP formats. These types range from Standard Open Mesh, Standard Solid Top, Heavy-Duty Open Mesh, Heavy-Duty Solid Top, Heavy-Duty Engineered (D400) and Pultruded Plank. The versatility of Fibex GRP trough covers means that they can be installed and fitted into our Queen’s Award-winning GRP cable troughs and most Precast concrete cable trenches.

In addition, as Fibex uses a unique tooling arrangement, our GRP trough covers can also be retrofitted. As a result, they can work with older castings, pre-existing rebates, ducts, channels, trench, and trough systems. Therefore, in terms of our GRP trough covers, restrictions are minimal in hindering your project.

GRP Trough Covers for Precast Concrete Troughs:

GRP Green Open Mesh Grating (A15)

GRP Grey Open Mesh Grating (A15)

Solid Top Grating (A15)

Pultruded Plank Yellow (B125)

Pultruded Black Plank (B125)

Heavy Duty Open Mesh Grating (B125)

Heavy Duty Solid Top (B125)

Heavy Duty Engineered Red (Choice of colours available)

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What are they used for?

Fibex GRP Trenchlite® Cable Trough Covers provide a versatile and lightweight alternative to Pre-Cast Concrete Trough Lid.

Where can they be used?

• Data centres
• Airports
• Ports
• Docks
• Substations
• Motorways
• Dual Carriageways
• Power Stations
• Wind farms
• Battery Storage plants
• Waste treatment plants
• Oil, gas and fuel pipelines
• Commercial infrastructure
• Hospitals

Key benefits

  • Wide range load-bearing
  • High strength load-bearing
  • Ventilation offered
  • Certified slip resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Non-conductive properties
  • Non-sparking
  • Insulator against heat
  • Lightweight installation
  • Easy access for repairs
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Locking devices available

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