GRP Grating

Fibex GRP Composite Grating provides a lightweight, low-maintenance, non-corrosive, strong, and fire-resistant solution. Our GRP gratings are the ideal composite grating to use in a variety of environments and applications.

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GRP Grating Products

GRP Grating

What does our GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Grating range include?

We supply standard fibreglass open mesh grating, solid top, heavy-duty, machine guard and mesh infill grating solutions.

Why is Fibex GRP Grating better than metallic alternatives?

Compared to steel grating, Fibex GRP Grating Composite is considerably lighter. Fibreglass grating can be cut on-site with ease using only hand tools, meaning heavy machinery would not be needed.

These characteristics mean our fibreglass grating is easy to install in challenging areas, saving you installation time, labour and transportation costs.

In addition, because Fibex GRP walkway grating is very durable and non-corrosive, long-term performance is a given in aggressive environments where metallic options fail over time.

What other Fibex Products can be used with our GRP Grating?

We stock a range of other products that can be used with our GRP Composite gratings, such as M Clips, J clamps and Dome Washers.

What is GRP Grating used for?

Fibex has 20+ years in supplying GRP Grating to various industries. These include Data Centres, Rail, Renewables, Marine, High-rise construction, Power, and water construction. Fibex are approved supplier for National Grid and our GRP Grating withstands BS EN 124 load standards.



What are the typical applications of fibreglass grating?

Trench covers – Trough Covers – Gully Covers – Platforms – Walkways – Riser Grating – Access Covers – Bund Flooring

GRP Grating Load Rating: A15 to B125

All of our Grating load ratings are BS EN 124 Certified.

GRP Grating Measurements & Colours:

Our GRP Grating comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

What are the benefits of GRP Grating

Wide range bearing load
Lightweight easy installation
Reduced transport costs
Non-corrosive properties
Non-conductive properties
90% lighter than concrete

What other Fibex products can be used with our GRP Grating?

Wide range bearing load Ventilation offered Anti-slip surface certified Non-corrosive properties Non-conductive properties Exceptional strength

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