GRP Access Platforms

How are our GRP platforms manufactured? Our GRP Access Platforms are fabricated using high strength, corrosion-resistant GRP grating and profiles.
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Industrial steel platform alternatives 

Where are steel platforms used?

Similar to Fibex GRP Access Platforms, industrial steel platforms are applicable for commercial and industrial style projects.

  • Conveyor systems
  • Elevation for heavy machinery and equipment
  • Storage
  • Work areas
  • Railway platforms
Why are GRP Access Platforms the better alternative?
Our  GRP access platforms are safe, effective, low maintenance alternatives to metal and wooden alternatives.

Compared to industrial steel platforms, the design of GRP means our Access Platforms are non-corrosive. Therefore, where harsh weathering or chemical factors are in place, our platforms will not damage. As a consequence, you have a long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

Why is a GRP platform a better choice than wooden alternatives?

Likewise, compared to wooden alternatives, our GRP platforms will not rot. As a result, maintenance costs become significantly reduced and the safety of the platforms is maintained.

Are GRP Access Platforms Safer?

In addition, GRP is non-conductive. When using access platforms in areas with high electrical conductive risks, such as railways, metal and wooden alternatives are dangerous.

Metal and wood are active conductors of electricity. If they were to carry an electrical current, this could cause serious risks for individuals.

Overall, our GRP access platforms are the most sensible option because they are anti-slip, easy to install, strong, and chemical and corrosion-resistant, making them the ideal alternative to steel, aluminium or wood.

Related products

At Fibex, our GRP platform steps have the option to have our GRP anti-slip stair treading added onto them.

The silicon carbide grit coating means our GRP stair nosing provides lots of slip resistance, outperforming aluminium or rubber.


Our platforms are compliant with the relevant standards BS EN 4592.

Delivery and Installation

The platforms can be delivered pre-assembled or sent in a flat-pack self-assembly kit depending on your requirements.

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Key benefits

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to assemble

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