GRP Anti-Slip Walkway

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GRP Anti-Slip Walkway Products

GRP Anti-Slip Walkway

At Fibex our GRP anti-slip product collection offers a range of GRP anti-slip flooring flat plates, anti-slip decking strips, GRP anti-slip ramps, anti-slip ramp edging, and strips for stairs.

The highly effective, gritted surface of our anti-slip products outperforms other competing materials in terms of slip safety.


In the UK, the most common cause of work accidents is slips and falls. GRP safety solutions can be used in high footfall traffic areas, to protect customers, staff and passengers from such calamities.

Designed to be installed onto pre-existing concrete, steel, stone, brick and timber exteriors, the Fibex GRP Anti-Slip Safety product range is suitable for internal and external environments.

What are the benefits of GRP Anti-Slip Walkway

Wide range bearing load
Lightweight easy installation
Reduced transport costs
Non-corrosive properties
Non-conductive properties
90% lighter than concrete

What other Fibex products can be used with our GRP Anti-Slip Walkway?

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