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GRP Mouldings & Fabrications

Fibex has a wide range of GRP mouldings and fabrications that will be perfect for your needs. From GRP diffuser drumsGRP height barriers to GRP sumps, we stock a wide range of different GRP mouldings and fabrications.


Why choose GRP mouldings and fabrications instead of mouldings and fabrications made out of traditional materials?

GRP mouldings and fabrications are just as durable and as strong as steel, but they offer numerous advantages to traditional materials. GRP materials are non-conductive and non-corrosive, making them incredibly suitable for areas which are often in contact with water, oil or reactive chemicals.

Therefore, GRP mouldings and fabrications are perfect for industries such as waterchemicaloil and gas and electrical substation, among others.


How quickly can GRP mouldings and fabrications be set-up on site?

GRP mouldings and fixings can be set up incredibly fast on site, at least in comparison with traditional metal mouldings and fixings.

Where steel moulding and fixings require welding, specialist tools and specially trained professionals to assemble, GRP alternatives require none of that and can be easily and quickly set up on site.

Additionally, due to GRP’s lightweight qualities, they can be transported at a fraction of the cost of steel mouldings.

What are the benefits of GRP Mouldings & Fabrications

Wide range bearing load
Lightweight easy installation
Reduced transport costs
Non-corrosive properties
Non-conductive properties
90% lighter than concrete

What other Fibex products can be used with our GRP Mouldings & Fabrications?

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