GRP 3 Way Handrail Connector Component

Our tubular GRP Handrail 3 Way Connector Component is adaptable, strong, stable, and easy to install. We would recommend using Fibex’s GRP Handrail 3 Way Connector Component in a variety of applications across various different industries. Read on below to find out more about our handrail connector components.
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Where can GRP 3 Way Handrail Connector Components be used?


It can be used mid-rail or as a tee for the top of a handrail system. Our GRP handrail connector component can be used in a variety of different applications – from stair guardrails, walkway guardrails and pool railings. GRP handrail connectors are suitable for a wide range of different industries such as:


GRP handrail connectors are the perfect option to connect and secure guardrail systems from fences to stair railings. At Fibex, we offer a wide variety of different GRP handrail connectors, so you can always find the best 3-way handrail connector for your needs.


Why choose fibreglass handrail connectors instead of handrail connectors made out of more traditional materials?


Our GRP tubular 3 Way Handrail Connector Component is made of fibreglass material and is very light but strong.


GRP products have great anti-corrosion properties and are far more cost-effective than metal or wood equivalents. Traditional steel products will conduct heat and electricity and are much heavier than GRP products. Therefore, if you need safe but resilient handrail connectors, our GRP handrail connectors may be the products that you’re looking for.


How quickly can GRP handrails be fitted on-site?

Unlike traditional steel alternatives, GRP products do not require specialist equipment or welding to be fitted on-site. Instead, GRP structures can be safely erected very quickly, without any specialist help.


The lightweight structures and ease of installation ensures that GRP products are a low-cost alternative to steel. GRP handrail connectors are far lighter to transport, and require less manpower and maintenance than traditional alternatives too.

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Key benefits

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Warm touch
  • Zero maintenance
  • Chemical and Corrosive Resistance
  • Non-Conductive

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