Hampshire Way Bridge Steps

November 7, 2023 

Hampshire Way Bridge Steps

Our recent installment of our GRP Way Bridge Steps at a large Hampshire-based industrial site has received sizable feedback. Workers' concerns about slipping in wet and harsh conditions on the traditional steel way bridges have been alleviated thanks to the anti-slip properties they provide.

Traditional metallic materials such as steel are hazardous in extreme weather conditions, increasing the risk of serious injury to workers, however, our anti-slip steps allow workers to confidently dismount from their vehicle, walk across the way bridge steps, and unload goods without the fear of slipping. In addition to this, they're non-corrosive so will not wear down over time, even in the worst of weather conditions, or in high foot traffic areas.

GRP Way Bridge Steps are far lighter than steel but offer an impeccable strength-to-weight ratio making them even greater than their counterparts. Due to their lightweight properties, our GRP Way Bridge Steps are substantially easier to transport and install, which results in saving your business time and money. Over their 25-30 year life span, they require 0 maintainence or upkeeping. This combined with the increased safety aspects as mentioned earlier makes them a no-brainer.

GRP Way Bridge Steps have multiple other use cases, these include, crossings, changes in floor level, and access over obstructions such as cable trays, piping, and ducting. If you would like more information in regards to our Way bridge steps then please click here.

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