GRP Palisade Fencing

Fibex GRP palisade fencing is a popular alternative to traditional steel fencing. It is an essential solution to control physical access in your projects.


Why is fibreglass palisade fencing a popular alternative?

The overall design of our GRP palisade fencing means our product has a very similar appearance to metal fencing. Likewise, regarding the structural design, our fibreglass palisade fencing is particularly strong and durable like metal.

However, unlike metal fencing, our product provides superior safety benefits because of its non-conductive, non-sparking, fire-retardant, electromagnetic resistant properties. As a result, it is a suitable solution to use in environments prone to electrical hazards.

Likewise, our fibreglass fencing has a long life span which requires little to no maintenance – this is because GRP is non-corrosive compared to metal alternatives. Another advantage is that our fencing does not require bonding or earthing, making the whole installation process quicker and cheaper for you.

What are the applications of Fibex fibreglass palisade fencing?

  • Trackside fencing
  • Railside fencing
  • Boundary demarcation
  • Electrical, gas and chemical enclosures
  • Airports
  • Defence sites
  • Water treatment sites
  • A high voltage area closure
  • Schools

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Fibex GRP palisade fencelines often require a gated system. We offer our GRP Gates to allow access through these fences. 

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