GRP Access Ramp

The Fibex GRP access ramp, with GRP frames, provides an accessible way for pedestrians and vehicles.
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Where can our GRP access ramps be applied?

A GRP ramp is often used in inside and outdoor settings to provide access between vertical levels and floors. GRP access ramps can be used as alternatives to steps and stairs. This is especially the case when individuals would normally be tasked to cross larger distances using steps and stairs, especially when they are steep.

A GRP ramp is widely used in public buildings, railways, stadiums, hospitals, exhibition halls and more.

Our modular building access ramps are ideal to use in areas where vehicular and pedestrian access is needed. A bespoke access ramp is a suitable alternative to stairs.

When is a GRP access ramp necessary?

A modular access ramp is necessary when wheelchairs, scooters, strollers and trollies need to access steps, vehicles and landing points easily.

Anti-slip benefits of our GRP Access Ramp

The GRP access ramp anti-slip surface means that trip hazards are significantly reduced because of the added grip. In comparison to stairs, anti-slip stair treads don’t have to be used to prevent these risks.

GRP Access Ramp with handrails

For extra safety, our GRP access ramps have the option to be designed and built to include our GRP pultruded handrail systems.

These GRP access ramps with handrails are suitable to use when the inclined plane of the ramp is high; It can protect the individual from falling over the sides.

In addition, they can aid those whose mobility is reduced and needs extra support.

Likewise, the Fibex GRP raised anti-slip walkways with handrails are also ideal to use when extra safety precautions are needed to protect falls from pathways and routes raised higher above the ground.

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Key benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Bespoke design to suit each location
  • Non-slip surface
  • Extremely low maintenance

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