Fort Augustus – GRP Cable Trough and Cover Solutions

Fort Augustus – GRP Cable Trough and Cover Solutions

Fort Augustus

The Fort Augustus project aimed to develop housing to meet the housing needs in the area. A substantial amount of groundwork had to happen involving cable trough systems. 

A key priority was speed and the procurement of solutions that provided installation benefits over concrete troughs and covers. 

John Mcstravock (Contracts Manager) explained “it’s night and day with concrete” because it requires machinery to be lifted. 

Fibex proposed their GRP Trough and Cover systems because they are lightweight, weighing up to 90% less than pre-cast concrete alternatives. They can be manually moved by two people meaning more sections could be installed within a day. 

It is common to install cabling underneath trough and cover systems at later stages so Fibex GRP solutions aid this process because of their lightweight characteristics. 

Recognising these benefits, the customer opted to use GRP in their project for the first time. Fibex supplied their GRP Troughs with their A15 & C250 rated GRP Trough Covers in pedestrian areas and Yellow GRP Composite Trough Covers where vehicles would access.

Fibex was praised for its support in all stages of the project process – procurement, fabrication, design and installation. 

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